Enrico Rocca (1847 - 1915)

Torino 1847 - Genova 1915 One of the last violins made by the master, and surely one of the the best in his production. The instrument is made from the violin of Paganini, and is in pure condition, still retaining the original fittings. The top of fine italian spruce, the back of a beautiful single piece back, sides and scroll of the same wood. The chamfer of the scroll and the rib joints on the central corners are painted black. Enrico Rocca was son of Giuseppe, who is considered probably the most important maker of the 19th century; he had a very hard life and he wasn't trained all the way by his father. After twenty years passed on the docks of the port of Genova, he begun violin making building mainly six strings lombard mandolins and guitars; he started making violins only after 1890. His work is always dominated by a great spontaneity and reveals a strong personality.

Genova 1914
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